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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lecture given on treating autism with biomedical therapy

By Laurie Rathbun

Dr. Kurt Woeller of the Stillpoint Center for Integrative Medicine in Temecula gave a lecture on treating autism-spectrum disorders with biomedical therapies on August 30 at the Rivard House in Temecula’s Wine Country. More than 100 people attended the lecture, which was sponsored by the Early Education Center for Autism and FACTS Families. Since 1997, Woeller has been a referral physician for Defeat Autism Now, an organization of doctors dedicated to the biomedical treatment of autistic-spectrum disorders. Woeller said autistic-spectrum disorders are a medical condition and it’s crucial to treat them with biomedical therapy. “It’s totally false that there’s no hope for recovery,” he said. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t see kids getting better. I wouldn’t waste my time.”

Denise Rubio’s two sons, Trevor, 5, and Kyle, 6, are patients of Woeller’s. About six months ago she started them on biomedical therapy and has seen remarkable results. “My kids, Kyle especially, have done really well on some of the protocols, including the B12 shots and chelation,” she said. “The chelation is especially impressive. As the heavy metals pour out of his little body, everything is functioning so much better. He’s acting more like a normal 6-year-old.” Rubio, a Temecula resident, was so impressed by her sons’ improvement that she helped Woeller organize the lecture to inform other parents that there’s hope for their children too. She also let Woeller share Kyle’s story and show photos of him before and after therapy.

Robin Dooley of San Jacinto didn’t attend the lecture but said her son, Nicholas, 10, has been on biomedical therapy for several years with other doctors and has improved dramatically too. Her son was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism when he was 3 and his condition worsened when he was 5. He began having violent tantrums, throwing objects and ramming people. Dooley said it was so bad that her son’s school would call her to pick him up. “He was miserable,” she said. Dooley began researching the Internet for ways to help him. She found out about biomedical therapy and started giving him nutritional supplements. She also had him tested for food allergies. She discovered that he was sensitive to bananas, soy, peanuts and eggs, so she put him on a special diet and he began improving. Last November, her son started chelation and the results have been astounding. Dooley said he now plays with toys, is friendly and loving toward others and even potty trained himself. She uses Transdermal DMPS on her son for chelation. Every 48 hours she applies a few drops to his forearm. The chelation is done slowly over a two-year period for safety. It’s best to slowly pull the mercury out this way. DMPS (dimercapto-propane sulfonate) was developed to specifically remove mercury.

Rubio and Dooley believe their sons were mercury poisoned from vaccines. Dooley said when her son was 18 months old he received nine vaccinations in one day. Before the shots, he knew his ABCs and then a few days later he regressed and didn’t know them. Dooley has a 19-month-old son, Caden, whom she won’t vaccinate because she fears that the same thing would happen to him.

Woeller didn’t vaccinate his children either for the same reason and spoke at length about mercury poisoning during his lecture. He showed the audience a list of mercury poisoning symptoms compared to autistic symptoms and they were identical except for the male to female ratio of those affected. According to him, autistic children can’t properly excrete metals from their bodies and need detoxification treatments. “Some of us are heavy metal excreters and others aren’t,” he said. For more information on treating autistic-spectrum disorders with biomedical therapy, contact Woeller at (951) 693-2267 or visit www.mystillpoint.com.

Posted by Becca

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