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Friday, September 09, 2005

Why Jabs Are Linked to Autism ; Out There

RedNova News

As I have learnt to my own cost, anyone who questions the accepted wisdoms of the orthodox medical establishment is asking for a kicking.

Nobody, though, gets more of a kicking than a doctor or scientist who dares, from within the heart of the establishment itself, to question what they perceive to be bad practice going on around them.

Just look at what happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield, whose career in the UK was comprehensively trashed after he had the courage to investigate a possible link between the MMR vaccine and spiralling rates of autism. Of all modern medicine's sacred cows, the most sacred of all surely has to be the supposedly unalloyed benefits of mass immunisation.

So, I was quite amazed, if pleasantly surprised, to read an article by a highly respected consultant haematologist recently, pointing out that there is now powerful evidence of a direct link between mercury, long used as a preservative in many childhood vaccines, and autism.

The brave specialist in question is Dr Margaret Cook (inset). True, as the ex-wife of the late Labour Cabinet minister Robin Cook, she is probably more accustomed than most to engaging in public controversy. She is also now retired from medical practice, which means that she doesn't actually face the threat of dismissal or demotion for daring to speak out on the subject. She is still leaving herself open, however, to a great deal of abuse from her former colleagues.

The British Medical Journal has already heaped scorn on the author of a book, called Evidence of Harm, just published in the US, that Cook says clearly and convincingly explains exactly why a mercury-based preservative called thiomersal is now suspected of being the main reason why autism rates both here and in the States have skyrocketed over recent decades.

Cook says there's now increasing evidence that autistic children have a problem, probably genetic in origin, in excreting mercury a nerve cell poison from their bodies. Before it was banned, the mercury in individual vaccines, so the medical experts kept assuring us, were 'trace' amounts only, and therefore harmless. But, several years ago, when the US Food and Drug Administration finally added up all the mercury in infant jabs, it was found to be well in excess of the legal limits even for adults.

That was why, in 1999, US and European regulators advised phasing out mercury in childhood vaccines as quickly as possible even though, at the same time, they were continuing to deny that it was harmful.

Mercury was removed from UK infant vaccines in 2004. But, don't worry we continue to be assured, there's nothing to fret about the experts are just being 'cautious'.


Meanwhile, what about the mercury that continues to be legally used indeed, in the case of NHS dentistry, insisted upon in amalgam fillings?

While most private dentists now refuse to use amalgam, preferring more expensive non-metallic alternatives, the NHS refuses (unless in exceptional circumstances) to pay for anything but old-fashioned metal fillings. All UK dental surgeries now have to use amalgam separators in their suction systems, so as not to contaminate the water supply with mercury and other heavymetal residues. Yet the Government still insists on metal fillings for NHS patients.

Next month, a major international conference will be taking place in Prague, for dentists and doctors from around the world, on the subject of heavy-metal toxicity. The only major country not to be providing a speaker is the UK.

Need I say more?

Source: Mail on Sunday; London (UK)

Posted by Becca

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