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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mercury, Amalgam, Thimerosal and Risk: From T. Ray Deal, Author of "Unlimited Energy," a Predictive Sci-Fi Fantasy About Post Peak Oil

Author T. Ray Deal has a profound interest in the effects of Mercury after nearly dying from Mercury Toxicity from silver fillings. He is, as is 3 pc of the population, allergic to mercury. Plus he had mercury toxicity after being given mixed metals in his mouth in the form of metal caps. [Galvanism].

(PRWEB) July 25, 2005 -- There is so much debate and unreason about Mercury that author T. Ray Deal feels that another perspective may help. If you want to become a master of hindsight about what is going on today then mentally try and travel forward in time and work out what people will be saying in 50 years time about today's controversies.

Peanut allergy and Mercury allergy are much the same, in that a small percent of people are allergic to the substances. In perspective, up to 6 million citizens of the USA are allergic to Mercury in some way or other. The majority of citizens still don't know that their silver fillings are 50 pc Mercury and that they leak Mercury steadily according to a large German study,BBC and WHO.

Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet and many would say that it sits next to Plutonium on the scale of toxicity. What is not generally known is that when Mercury exists as Thimerosal it is 30 to 50 times more toxic than ordinary Mercury. According to a study by Boyd Haley it is still used in the production of Vaccines and Mercury remains in a conjugated form in the end product.

Mercury, like other 'Heavy Metals' is an 'accumulative poison', that quickly leaves the bloodstream and migrates to our organs where is wreaks havoc with our hormonal and immune systems. It gets everywhere it shouldn't. In human terms it would be equivalent to an amoral psychopath with nihilistic fantasies. No-one is immune to this monster.

We all get a body burden of Mercury from different sources, Amalgam...WHO, fish...Hightower, Power Stations and Crematoria plus all the other products around us that use it. Some people lacking in special enzymes, because humans were not designed for living in a toxic environment, cannot remove this substance and suffer considerably. Others remove more when they are young, but generally suffer to some extent when older.

Knowing this, and the extremely well documented risks and the Clear and Present Danger presented by Mercury in any of its forms would a civilisation in 50 years time use Mercury at all if it hadn't used it before. Why do eye-drop manufacturers warn us to check for allergy to Thimerosal, but vaccine manufactures do not.

Would a civilisation of our time, having not used Mercury, start putting enough in each of its citizen's mouths to contaminate several lakes. Would any civilised mind advocate mass injecting our children with peanut oil without pre-testing them for allergies?. So why do it with Thimerosal laced Vaccines.

How can any mind advocate the continued use of Mercury for our children's teeth or fillings without pre-testing them? Given the horrors of CJD being indestructible would any future society recycle old mercury to make more fillings?

Once we start asking this type of question then we realise that, sometimes, good old 'common sense' must be the order of the day. If we want a good future for ourselves and our children, we are all, singularly and collectively, going to have to put some effort into future risk management before it is too late.

The Melisa® Medica Foundation tests for heavy metal allergy or can recommended a partner in your country that does.

Should you want to research the effects of mercury this link will give you all the facts and back-up papers... http://www.home.earthlink.net/~berniew1/indexa.html

T. Ray Deal has worked as a Medical Scientist in 25 Countries for some of the leading Clinical Analysis Corporations. His website is http://www.tridi.com/pages/1/index.htm.

Contact phone number is for book orders. The author re-cycles much of his earnings towards making the world a better place for us all to live in.

Posted by Dorothy

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