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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Industry Pays for Damage Control

A few weeks ago Michael Fumento wrote an article: Don't believe the childhood vaccine fearmongers in a guest column for Townhall. I don't think asking for the removal of mercury from vaccines is fearmongering or being an anti-vax activist, but I digress.

In Fumento's article he cites the paid-for-by-CDC IOM report and also cites an article in Pediatrics that relies on epidemiological studies to disprove causation. He said the article mentinoned thimerosal is quickly disposed of in the body. Thomas Burbacher did a study comparing blood brain mercury levels in infant monkeys exposed to thimerosal and methylmercury and found the average brain-to-blood concentration ratio was slightly higher for the thimerosal-exposed monkeys and a higher percentage of the total Hg in the brain was in the form of inorganic Hg for the thimerosal-exposed monkeys.

Really, this stuff should not be injected into kids. It is not safe.

I recently found out Fumento writes for the American Council on Science and Health, which is an industry funded organization that does PR for it's contributors. ( For info on ACSH - see: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.)

Anyway - I got this article a few days ago from a news feed

Posted by Cy

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