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Saturday, August 27, 2005

David Kirby on Huff Post

David Kirby's newest entry on the Huffington Post is titled Autism and Chelation: Where is the Science?.

This is very balanced reporting by David Kirby. Since the tragedy of this boy's death, the media has portrayed parents as desperate and willing to try "anything". This is highly inaccurate. Parents are determined to find appropriate treatments for their physically ill children. The IOM and government health agencies have been unwilling to do anything to help these children. The IOM has even gone as far as to shun any scientific research into thimerosal's role in the causation of autism. The government has stated that autism is not an epidemic, but due to better diagnostics. Better diagnostics is a ridiculous statement. Anyone who sees an autistic child will recognize them immediately - whether it be today or thirty years ago.

Mainstream medical doctors refuse to give autistic children the medical treatment they require. Autism is treated as a mental condition and children are prescribed neuroleptics and other psychotropic drugs. These children have been let down by the medical community, the government and other public health agencies. It is rare to find a doctor who has the knowledge and ability to treat children with autism and that is an outrage.

Posted by Becca

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