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Monday, March 07, 2005

UK Psychologist Says Definite Link Between Vaccines & Autism

by Evelyn Pringle

Lisa Blakemore-Brown, is a Psychologist in the UK, who believes there is a definite link between the mercury-based preservative used for years in childhood vaccines and the many new health problems that children have become plagued with in recent years, including autism.

Although, exposure to mercury leads to primarily neurologic effects, a number of other organ systems may also be involved, including gastrointestinal, respiratory, hepatic, immune, dermal, and renal, according to Toxicol Ind Health, April 18, 2002.

"The epidemic of health and developmental problems in so called advanced countries is now undeniable, 1 in 10 children suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, 1 in 4 have asthma," Blakemore reports. As an example of the increase in health problems, she tells how a colleague "last week mentioned that out of 16 children on a school trip involving his child, 15 had asthma."

She also blames the vaccines for the widespread problems in recent years where "children are arriving at school unable to use a knife and fork, pay attention or understand their social worlds, highly sensitised to all aspects of the real world."

Mercury-based Thimerosal, is a preservative developed in the 1930s by Eli Lilly, which has been routinely used ever since in vaccines as well as many other products. It contains 49.5% ethyl mercury which is known to accumulate in fish. The amount of mercury considered safe for adults is 0.1 mcg of Methyl Mercury per kilogram of weight. Yet Blakemore reports that "Babies have been given 25 microgrammes in each of the following vaccines: whole cell DTP and Hib, and the Hep B in the US."

She explains why the autism epidemic did not occur sooner. "Over the course of the last century, individuals were given single vaccines with single amounts of mercury," Blakely reports, "but with the introduction of triple vaccines the amount of mercury contained within the preservative was multiplied and the cumulative effects are only just now being discovered by the public," she adds.

According to Blakemore, "Early papers on autism and battered baby syndrome appeared following the introduction of vaccines containing this preservative in the 30's and 40's." However, "following the introduction of triple vaccines there has been an epidemic of autism - and genetic epidemics do not occur without some outside influence," she adds.

The preservative is a neurotoxin which is linked to the depletion of the protective anti-oxidant, glutathione, and some people are more susceptible than others to such effects. Autistics have been found to have lowered levels of glutathione, and to have greater difficulty excreting mercury. Therefore, Blakemore explains, "It is not impossible that earlier generations of constitutionally susceptible individuals were affected by the Mercury in their very early vaccinations, phenotypes were altered and in turn their offspring increased their risk factors for susceptibility to mercury damage."

Such susceptibilities, combined with an already weak immune system - in a baby or other medically vulnerable individual such as an elderly person - further increase the risk factors, according to Blakemore.

As the changes triggered by mercury appear at cellular level, including cell death and increased cellular permeability, it is not surprising that many forms of impairment are found, she reports.

The constant reference to allergic effects and immune system interference echo Blakemore's own findings that early vaccines seemed to trigger various allergies and intolerances in some children. She determined during the mid to late 1990's, "that it was these medically vulnerable and allergic individuals who were more likely to have reacted to the MMR - which contains no Thiomersal."

Unfortunately, she reports, "because of Red Herring arguments and denial of what is known, we have yet to fully explore in a scientific way, why so many children reacted to vaccines."

Blakemore says: "When we have removed the Red Herrings - and those who cook them up - we might begin to take responsibility again for the health of millions across the world."

Evelyn Pringle is a columnist for Independent Media TV and an investigative journalist focused on exposing corruption in government

Posted by Becca

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